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Page last updated 27 July 2018

Jack Goodwin's Discography Notes.

A discography is the result of the input by very many people, of information, corrections, additions and, very importantly, time and effort. Recordings issued originally on LP have been reissued on CD, and in many cases, previously unissued alternative takes or titles are included on the CD re-issue. Tracking these new issues is a time consuming business. In the case of privately made recordings, very often the original tape is subsequently copied to a different format, resulting, in many cases, of a cassette with a couple of titles missing because the cassette ran out of time. This cassette is then often regarded as being the complete recording. My thanks to everyone who has provided me with original full recordings to replace the truncated versions I had previously.

I am grateful to the many people who have given me Warne Marsh tapes to add to my archive. I originally listed these people but the list is now so long it would take up the whole of this page.  Wherever possible, I have acknowledged the donor when advertising an addition to the discography on the News page.  So to everyone who has contributed, I can't thank you enough and please keep it up.

I would especially like to thank Joop van der Leij who is the structural engineer of this discography. He has sorted my original bare bones discography into its current form, and I'm eternally grateful to him for his time, patience and effort.

Finally, I would appreciate any additions and corrections to the discography. Every little helps.

click here to view the complete Warne Marsh Discography