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Page last updated 11 Jul 2018

Jack Goodwin's Personal Notes.
Welcome to The Warne Marsh Information Site!

I'm Jack Goodwin and I live in the North East of England. The first time I heard Warne Marsh playing was with the Lennie Tristano Sextet on the 1949 Capitol recordings, and then again, with the recordings he made with the Lee Konitz Quintet, also in 1949. To hear him playing on titles like "Wow!", "Crosscurrent" and the jaw-dropping "Marshmallow", made an indelible impression on me, and since that time, I have tried to collect as many of his recordings as possible.  In addition to commercially released records, I've added many made on location by enthusiasts on their portable recorders.  From all these recordings, we are able to follow his progress from his earliest playing days to those made just before his death.  Studying these over the years, has convinced me that Warne Marsh was one of the greatest improvisers in the history of Jazz music and deserved a web site devoted not only to listing, as accurately as possible, his entire recorded output, but to add additional material contributed by those who knew and listened to Warne Marsh during his lifetime. 

I saw and heard Warne in the flesh only once and that was in a room above the Corner House pub in Whitley Bay nine miles from my home. The date was 22 December 1975 and Warne and Lee Konitz were appearing with the Peter Ind Group on one of the stops on their tour of Europe.

Since designing and publishing this site in December 2003, I have been quite amazed and obviously, delighted, at the interest shown by visitors.  I've received correspondence from Marsh enthusiasts across the globe, literally, from Japan to San Francisco, Norway to Australia, all pleased to be able to keep in touch with news and information about this uniquely gifted musician.

Thanks for taking the time to look.