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Page last updated 30 December 2016


There are a number of interesting articles, blog postings and write ups on Warne Marsh. Accordingly, I have devoted a separate page to either link or host these types of documents for interested visitors to the site. All documents credited to and copyright of the owners or known sources. I would welcome contributions, feedback, corrections and clarifications from anyone familiar with Warne Marsh and any of the information contained herein. - Seth Kaplan mailto:sk@warnemarsh.info

30th. December 2016.

Down Beat magazine for March 21. 1957 reviewing the Warne Marsh-Ted Brown Quintet playing at Bill Whisling's Club on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.
Courtesy of Jack Goodwin.

Down Beat magazine March 21. 1957 review of the Warne Marsh-Ted Brown Quintet

9th. October 2016.

Blogger Adam Melville has posted two reviews of Warne Marsh's self-titled Atlantic album [Atlantic 1291] :

1. Martin Williams' review from the January 8, 1959 issue of Down Beat and

2. Mimi Clar's review from the February 1959 issue of The Jazz Review

Review - Warne Marsh - Atlantic 1291, Down Beat Feb. 8, 1959

Review - Warne Marsh - Atlantic 1291, Jazz Review Feb. 1959

13th. September 2016.

Translation from Japanese, of the liner notes to the Personal Statement album by Warne Marsh. Courtesy of Jack Goodwin.

Translation from Japanese of the liner notes to the Personal Statement album

Warne Marsh - Personal Statement

8th. September 2016.

Here's a review (Downbeat?) by Chris Sheridan of Warne's 1975 appearance at a pub in Stockport, Cheshire, England 20 Dec 1975. The bill featured The Warne Marsh Quartet at the Warren Bulkeley Hotel, Stockport, England featuring Warne Marsh (tenor saxophone); Dave Cliff (guitar); Peter Ind (bass) and Al Levitt (drums)

The additional document shown below is a letter from Warne Marsh to John William Hardy, owner of Revelation Records, regarding a reel to reel tape recording of what appears to be the working titles for the first eight tracks from side one of Revelation 22 "Warne Marsh - The Art of Improvising" Volume 1 issued in 1974 and featuring excerpts of tracks recorded at The Half Note in February of 1959. Featured personnel are Warne Marsh (tenor saxophone); Lee Konitz (alto saxophone); Bill Evans (piano); Jimmy Garrison (bass) and Paul Motian (drums) The notes in red ink are by John William Hardy.

Review - Warne Marsh Quartet - Stockport, Cheshire, England 20 Dec 1975

Letter from Warne Marsh to John William Hardy

19th. April 2016.

Here's an interesting presentation on James Harrod's Stars of Jazz webpage featuring the Warne Marsh Quintet on the KABC-TV Stars of Jazz - March 11, 1957 television broadcast. The Warne Marsh Quintet was comprised of Warne Marsh and Ted Brown on tenor saxophone, Ronnie Ball on piano, Ben Tucker on bass, and Jeff Morton on drums. Reference entry 57-0311 in the complete Warne Marsh Discography for details. The presentation features the original script with program notes and the Orchestra Manager's report listing details on the musicians, the broadcast, rehearsals etc. Also supplemented by details of the group's then recent performances at 'Whisling's Modern Jazz Room’ 6507 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood including the review of the group's performances (on two successive Fridays) by John Tynan in the March 21, 1957 edition of Down Beat. Reference entry 57-0200 in the complete Warne Marsh Discography for details. Several then recent albums featuring Warne, Ted Brown, Ronnie Ball and other personnel from the group recorded around that general time frame are also included. Click here for presentation. A single PDF file of the program script and other photos comprising the presentation may be viewed here. Presentation credit James Harrod. Photo credits - Ray Avery Estate and the Howard Lucraft Collection CTS Images

1st. April 2016.

1. Warne Marsh Obituary from Los Angeles Times, Saturday, December 19 1987
Warne Marsh Obituary from Mike Hennessy - Downbeat


  Warne Marsh obituary, LA Times Dec. 19, 1987

Warne Marsh Obituary from Mike Hennessy - Downbeat


25th. January 2016.

Warne Marsh Interview by Roland Baggenaes - Coda December 1976 : Here's an interesting interview with Warne from the December 1976 issue of Coda. - Originally posted by David Valdez to davidvaldez.blogspot.com