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Page last updated 28 Nov 2022


28th. Nov 2022.

Well wishes go out to Jack Goodwin, the original founder of the Warne Marsh Information Site who is currently recovering from the effects of a recent stroke. Jack has been a good friend to many readers of this site over the years and his hard work and dedication have been a tremendous asset and resource for many. Best wishes to Jack and his family during this challenging time. Get well soon Jack!

31st. Dec 2021.

Rest In Peace Phil Schaap: April 06, 1951 - September 07, 2021

Phil Schaap, noted Jazz historian, broadcaster, educator and avid Jazz fan has passed. Phil was a native New Yorker who grew up in the hey day of Modern Jazz with numerous connections to the Jazz world from the age of five. Phil, most famously known for his in depth daily radio show dedicated to Charlie Parker, ’Bird Flight’ at Colombia University’s WKCR FM was a staple in New York City. He was a fan of Warne Marsh and of the Lennie Tristano school of Jazz. He also emcee’d on Warne’s performances at The West End Café, NYC in May of 1984 and hosted a marathon memorial broadcast honoring Warne after his untimely passing in December of 1987.

Phil’s obituary in The New York Times can be found here.

31st. Dec 2021.

Rest In Peace Peter Ind: 20 July 1928 - 20 August 2021

The great bassist, artist and author Peter Ind has passed. Peter was a key player within the Lennie Tristano school of Jazz in the 1950’s and was a frequent collaborator with Warne Marsh. He was also an artist and author having written a book on Lennie Tristano (Jazz Visions – Lennie Tristano and His Legacy, Equinox, 2007) Peter was also an active archivist having recorded many private sessions in his New York studios as well as various live gigs with Tristano school associates Warne Marsh, Lee Konitz, Sal Mosca, Ronnie Ball and others, a number of which were released on his independent label Wave Records. He also recorded other jazz artists in his New York studio and was owner and operator of the Bass Clef, opened in 1984 and a sister club, the Tenor Clef, opened in 1989.
Peter’s obituary in JazzTimes can be found here.

23rd. Dec 2020.

The following new entries have been submitted to the Warne Marsh Information Site Discography by Warne Marsh Information Site founder Jack Goodwin. We thank Jack for his contributions and he extends his well wishes to all.

'Jazzhus Montmartre', Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2, 1975.
Lee Konitz, as; Warne Marsh, ts; Ole Kock Hansen, p; Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, b; Alex Riel d. (with guest Allen Botschinsky sitting in on trumpet on all selections except 3)

Edinburgh, Scotland, December 17, 1975.
Lee Konitz, as; Warne Marsh, ts; Dave Cliff, g; Peter Ind, b; Al Levitt, d.

All of our readers and Warne Marsh enthusiasts throughout the world are encouraged to share their thoughts, memories, experiences, specific performance/recording information etc. for the record so that Warne’s legacy may continue to grow. All help and input to the site is much appreciated.

24th. Aug 2020.

From Jack Goodwin, the original founder of the Warne Marsh Information Site:

I'm sad to have to tell all Warne Marsh fans that my good friend Joop van der Leij passed away on August 14th.

Joop was responsible for the layout of the Warne Marsh discography which appears on this site, converting my mass of Warne information into an intelligent layout easily accessible to anyone.

Joop was also a very good 'on site' recordist and there are several recordings, commercially available, which were recorded by him at several Dutch jazz venues.

Rest in peace Joop.

Jack Goodwin

20th. Apr 2020.

R.I.P. Lee Konitz
October 13, 1927 - April 15, 2020

The great jazz alto saxophonist Lee Konitz has passed. Lee was one of Warne Marsh’s musical collaborators from the early recordings with Lennie Tristano and throughout Warne’s career. A monumental loss for the jazz world. 

20th. Apr 2020.

I’ve been in contact with Jack Goodwin, the original founder of the Warne Marsh Information Site who is very well and trying to stay safe during the current pandemic. Jack would love to hear from anyone he has known from his past activity on the site.
His contact info is
mailto:jg32@sky.com. Please feel free to drop him a line.

1st. Nov 2019.

From bassist Don Messina:

Cadence Jazz Records has released a new CD (CJR1265) "High And Outside" of the H M C Trio (Jimmy Halperin - tenor sax, Don Messina - double bass, and Bill Chattin - drums) recorded live in concert on April 21st, 2002. This CD is a follow-up and companion album to the trio's Cycle Logical (CJR1142) recording from 2001. High And Outside was recorded a year later when the trio was performing often between 2000 and 2004: this recording captures exactly what they were into then! H M C improvises through standards; lines by Charlie Parker, Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh, Lee Konitz, Ted Brown, as well as a Halperin original. The entire concert is included. Liner notes by Don Messina and Jimmy Halperin; mastered by Garry Rindfuss, produced by Bob Rusch; and dedicated to Sal Mosca and Ted Brown.

HIGH AND OUTSIDE IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: -Through the band by emailing mailto:jimmyhalperintriocd@gmail.com -Direct through Cadence Jazz Records by emailing mailto:orders@cadencebuilding.com or phone 315-287-2852. -Soon on iTunes and Amazon

"All in all, this concert is an example of the style we were able to share together at this time. I am very pleased to have been a part of it." Jimmy Halperin 2018 October 2019 Jazz Journal Review https://jazzjournal.co.uk/

I highly recommend this CD to fans of the music, styles and traditions of the Tristano School of Jazz. The playing is flowing, loose and relaxed yet powerful, intense and swinging with the band playing steadily on all cylinders. This is about as perfect a live performance as I've ever heard. (Seth Kaplan, November 1st, 2019)

1st. Nov 2019.

Thanks to Warne Marsh musical associates Jimmy Halperin and Skip Scott, entry 80-0823 has been added to the discography:


'US Blues’, Roslyn, NY August 23, 1980.

Warne Marsh - ts; Jimmy Halperin - ts, ss; Tardo Hammer - p; John Ray - b; Skip Scott -d. 

1 IT'S YOU OR NO ONE   7:57
7 APRIL   10:42
9 317 EAST 32ND STREET (INC.)   7:24

Recorded at 'US Blues', Roslyn NY - 08/23/1980 by D. Halperin. 

All of our readers and Warne Marsh enthusiasts throughout the world are encouraged to share their thoughts, memories, experiences, specific performance/recording information etc. for the record so that Warne’s legacy may continue to grow. All help and input to the site is much appreciated.

1st. Nov 2019.

An additional item has been added to the
Documents page - Reader Bill Schweitzer has provided us with the original Warne Marsh concert program from Mills College Oct.1,1987.

6th. Sept 2018.

Reader Bill Schweitzer has shared his reminiscences on
THE WARNE MARSH QUARTET in concert for "Jazz In Flight".
'In Flight Dance Studio', 333 Dolores St., San Francisco, Oct. 18, 1987.
Discography entry 87-1018

Warne Marsh, ts; Larry Koonse; g; Seward McCain, b; Jim Zimmerman, d.

5 317 EAST 32ND. STREET 8:12

all PR Recorded by KJAZ and broadcast probably shortly after Marsh's death.
A video tape made by a club member exists, but has never been broadcast.

See the
Global Warne-ing page for Bill’s in depth description.

Bill has posted his 1st generation copy of the video tape of the concert to YouTube in five parts as follows:

Warne Marsh Live In San Francisco 1987 https://youtu.be/gSgZudpsU1Q

Warne Marsh Live In San Francisco 1987 - pt 2 https://youtu.be/qu7fJd6tcVA

Warne Marsh Live In San Francisco 1987 - pt 3 https://youtu.be/5u-zNmapixA

Warne Marsh Live In San Francisco 1987 - pt 4 https://youtu.be/-gOtXVqscDc

Warne Marsh Live In San Francisco 1987 - conclusion https://youtu.be/lgHaBQBQi3E

We thank Bill for sharing this wonderful document of Warne performing live as well as his recollections and information provided.

All of our readers and Warne Marsh enthusiasts throughout the world are encouraged to share their thoughts, memories, experiences, specific performance/recording information etc. for the record so that Warne’s legacy may continue to grow. All help and input to the site is much appreciated

1st. Sept 2018.

Thanks to reader Kirk Silsbee, entry 80-0827 has been added to the discography:


'Pasquale's', 22724 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA August 27, 1980.

Warne Marsh, ts; Pete Christlieb, ts; Lou Levy, p; Pat Senatore, b; Dick Berk, d.


no recording known to exist

Note: Information provided via journal notes from reader Kirk Silsbee who attended the gig. See the
Global Warne-ing page for Kirk's in depth description.

We thank Kirk for sharing his recollections and the information provided.

All of our readers and Warne Marsh enthusiasts throughout the world are encouraged to share their thoughts, memories, experiences, specific performance/recording information etc. for the record so that Warne’s legacy may continue to grow. All help and input to the site is much appreciated

31st. July 2018.

Thanks to reader Alan Matheson, discography entry 77-0309 has been expanded as follows:

**Vancouver Jazz Society, Fourth Avenue at Trafalgar. *Vancouver, Canada, March 9-12, 1977.

Lee Konitz, as; Warne Marsh, ts; Bob Murphy, p; Torben Oxbol, b; George Ursan, d.

Reader Alan Matheson who attended an evening from this gig recalls the following titles being played:


He also recalls a repertoire similar to that of discography entry 77-0228 -  BILL EVANS TRIO with LEE KONITZ & WARNE MARSH, the basis for the commercial release 'Crosscurrents' - Bill Evans Trio With Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh, Fantasy CD OJC 718 recorded a week prior and which included the following additional titles:


no trace of any recording

*-According to advertisement in 'CODA'
**-Info provided by Nou Dadoun at www.vancouverjazz.com via Alan Matheson

The following photo from the gig by Sheera Waisman courtesy of

L to R - Lee Konitz, as; Bob Murphy, p; Torben Oxbol, b; Warne Marsh, ts; George Ursan, d.

We thank Alan for sharing his recollections and tracking down the additional information provided.

All of our readers and Warne Marsh enthusiasts throughout the world are encouraged to share their thoughts, memories, experiences, specific performance/recording information etc. for the record so that Warne’s legacy may continue to grow. All help and input to the site is much appreciated

16th. April 2017.

CD Releases

Ted Brown and Jimmy Halperin, Warne Marsh musical collaborators in the ’50’s and ’80’s respectively, have both recently released CD’s featuring live performances.

Ted’s CD 'Ted Brown Quartet Live at Trumpets' was recorded at Trumpets Jazz Club in Montclair, NJ from performances in 2006 and 2010. Ted is joined by the rhythm section of Jon Easton-piano, Don Messina-bass and Bill Chattin-drums.
Additional details and purchasing info for 'Ted Brown Quartet Live at Trumpets' can be found here.

Jimmy’s CD Jimmy Halperin with Pål Nyberg Trio ‘Live at A-trane - Berlin’ was recorded live in Berlin at international jazz club A-trane on July 24th and 25th 2016. In addition to two of Jimmy’s original compositions, the remaining performances feature original compositions by Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz and Ted Brown. Additional details and purchasing info for Live at A-trane - Berlin can be found here.

15th. April 2017.

Two additional video titles featuring Warne Marsh have been posted to YouTube by John Klopotowski as additions to The Warne Marsh Quartet - San Francisco, October 18, 1987 "Jazz In Flight" concert, 333 Dolores St. San Francisco, CA 'It's You Or No One' may be viewed here  'Easy Living' may be viewed here

25th. March 2017.

A new video featuring Warne Marsh has been posted to YouTube courtesy of John Klopotowski, friend, student and musical collaborator with Warne Marsh in the early 1980's. Warne Marsh Quartet - San Francisco, October 18, 1987 from "Jazz In Flight" concert, 333 Dolores St. San Francisco, CA. 'What Is This Thing Called Love' may be viewed here

11th. March 2017.

On Saturday, March 25, 2017 with sets @ 8 and 9 PM and admission as follows - $20 (RSVP in Advance by email to info@mondosummit.com / 917-969-4534) $25 at the Door and $10 Students,  The Kazzrie Jaxen Trio featuring Kazzrie Jaxen (piano, vocals) along with Charley Krachy (tenor saxophone) and Sal Mosca bassist Don Messina will be performing at the MONDO Brownstone Theatre & Artspace 426 Springfield Ave, 3rd Floor Summit, NJ. Additional details can be found here

30th. December 2016.

An additional item has been added to the Documents page - Down Beat magazine March 21. 1957 reviewing the Warne Marsh-Ted Brown Quintet playing at Bill Whisling's Club on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

27th. November 2016.

A previously unknown and unreleased Warne Marsh recording with Art Pepper has been released by Laurie Pepper on her Unreleased Art series. Unreleased Art: Volume 9 - Art Pepper & Warne Marsh At Donte's, April 26, 1974 has been added to the Discography and is written up in All About Jazz. A 3-CD box featuring Art Pepper: alto saxophone; Warne Marsh: tenor saxophone; Mark Levine, Bill Mays: piano; John Heard: bass; Lew Malin: drums is available for purchase at Amazon.

Here is the Discography entry:

74-0426 Art Pepper & Warne Marsh At Donte's, April 26, 1974*

'Donte's', North Hollywood. April 26, 1974.

Art Pepper, as; Warne Marsh, ts; Mark Levine, p; Bill Mays, p; (on Cherokee), John Heard, b; Lew Malin, d.


all R Widow's Taste APMCD 74372

1 – 5       CD 1 APMCD 74372
6 – 10     CD 2 APMCD 74372
11 – 15   CD 3 APMCD 74372

* - Released by Laurie Pepper as Unreleased Art: Volume 9

16th. November 2016.

Update from K.C. Marsh on the documentary Warne Marsh: An Improvised Life

Editing Is In Progress!

Hello Jazz Fans!

I wanted to just give a quick update on where things stand.  I'm working with a new editor and we've been making steady progress over the last month and a half.  Already we have the film broken into thematic pieces and are looking to now add additional assets (scanned photos, articles, etc) to flesh things out.  I won't get too technically in the weeds.  I just wanted to let you know I'm overjoyed to see this progress and wanted to share that with you. 

Since a portion of you were already Warne Marsh fans I wanted to put the word out that I've been trying to track down photos of the now defunct jazz club, Dontes (in North Hollywood, CA). If you know of anyone who might have any photos of the outside of Dontes or any of the interior I'd be very grateful for you to put me in touch with them.  I have reached out to the LA Jazz Institute, Laurie Pepper (Art Pepper's widow), Mark Webber and a number of other people that I thought might have some.  We'll see!  Dontes is, of course, the location where my father passed away, on stage, playing the tune "Out Of Nowhere".

I hope this note finds you well.  Please feel free to contact me at any time. The Seed&Spark website has a "Contact" feature you can use to send me a note.

Hope the upcoming holidays is pleasant!  I'll be in touch when I have more progress to report.

As always, grateful for your support.

K.C. Marsh

9th. October 2016.

Two additional items have been added to the Documents page

1. Martin Williams' review of Warne Marsh's self-titled Atlantic album [Atlantic 1291] from the January 8, 1959 issue of Down Beat and

 2. Mimi Clar's review of Warne Marsh's self-titled Atlantic album [Atlantic 1291] from the February 1959 issue of The Jazz Review

13th. September 2016.

An additional item has been added to the Documents page - Translation from Japanese, of the liner notes to the Personal Statement album by Warne Marsh.

9th. September 2016.

Two additional items have been added to the Documents page

Review by Chris Sheridan of Warne Marsh's 1975 appearance at a pub in Stockport, Cheshire, England 20 Dec 1975
A letter from Warne Marsh to John William Hardy, owner of Revelation Records

8th. September 2016.

On Sunday, September 25th, 2016 @ 3:00 P.M. (Free admission) Sal Mosca bassist Don Messina along with Kazzrie Jaxen (piano, vocals) and Charley Krachy (tenor saxophone) will be performing as a trio in The Wellfleet Public Library -Presents- "Sunday Afternoon Jazz" at Wellfleet Public Library 55 W. Main St. Wellfleet, MA 02667 (Tel. 508-349-0310) Additional details can be found here

2nd. June 2016.

Jazz journalist Marc Meyers, via his JazzWax blog has given us an interesting history on Clifford Brown's composition, Daahoud which was recorded twice by Warne Marsh in 1957. Once for the album "The Right Combination" with Joe Albany and again with Albany in a live performance from the Galleon Room in Dana Point, California on October 7, 1957 and issued as "The Warne Marsh Quartet Featuring Joe Albany: Live at Dana Point, 1957". The live performance is the highlight of the blog post which may be viewed here. Included are YouTube links to Warne's live performance along with two studio versions recorded by Clifford Brown.

3rd. May 2016.

John Klopotowski, Warne Marsh student and musical collaborator in the early 80's, has opened his personal, largely music based web page. Page location is here

19th. April 2016.

An additional item has been added to the Documents page - A presentation on James Harrod's Stars of Jazz webpage featuring the Warne Marsh Quintet on the KABC-TV Stars of Jazz - March 11, 1957 television broadcast.

1st. April 2016.

Two additional items have been added to the Documents page

1. Warne Marsh Obituary from Los Angeles Times, Saturday, December 19 1987
Warne Marsh Obituary from Mike Hennessy - Downbeat

13th. February 2016.

I've opened a new Documents page to either link or host the many interesting articles, blog postings and write ups on Warne Marsh out on the internet. Page location is here

Seth Kaplan 13th February 2016

3rd. January 2016.

The discography entry 84-1125 WARNE MARSH Radio broadcast, Oslo, Norway, November 25, 1984 has been posted as a YouTube documentary "Warne Marsh med studenter på Trondheim Musikkonservatorium 1984" A spellbinding "fly on the wall" view of Warne teaching, discussing and playing music with Norwegian musicians. Comments during broadcast by Torgrim Sollid; Musicians include: Torgrim Sollid, tp; Viglen Storras, p; S.H. Solstad, g; D Trollaas, d. and others. The video may be viewed here

4th. December 2015.

Sal Mosca’s family has released the second of two multiple CD issues in 2015 both featuring solo performances by Sal recorded on two separate tours of The Netherlands from 1992 and 1981 respectively. The 1992 release is titled "Sal Mosca: The Talk of the Town; Live at the Bimhuis" (2-CD set; Sunnyside Records SSC1317) The 1981 release is titled "Sal Mosca: Too Marvelous for Words; June 1981, Five Concerts from The Netherlands" (5-CD set Cadence Jazz Records 1248 - 1252). Both CD sets are available here at the Sal Mosca Website

3rd. December 2015.

A note from Jack Goodwin

It's now 13 years since I first published the Warne Marsh Information web site and I've been delighted to receive so many compliments, comments and information from so many people around the world. It has been a real labour of love, I can tell you.

However, I felt it was just about time to find someone who could take over from me and who would look after the site in the future. He or she would have to understand jazz music to be able to appreciate Warne Marsh's position in being one of the greatest improvisers in the history of jazz, and in addition, would have to have an understanding of how a computer works and how to use site editing software.

I have found that person and he is Seth Kaplan who lives in New York State. Seth is a musician - he plays guitar - although he makes his living outside of jazz, and has known many of the Tristano School musicians both past and present. Importantly, Seth has a good knowledge of how a computer works and how to use the appropriate software to run the Warne Marsh Information site.

So, from today, Seth is your contact. If you have any reminiscences or anecdotes about Warne, please send them to Seth via the link shown on the Home page. You all have my very grateful thanks for the help you have given me over these thirteen years. You made the Warne Marsh Information site for me.



7th. July 2015.
Joshua Breakstone has kindly sent a third photo from the session he played with the Warne Marsh Quartet at the "Far & Away Club", Cliffside Park, New Jersey, February 1982.  This one also shows bass player Earl Sauls and drummer Taro Okamoto.

23rd. June 2015. A while ago, realising I wasn't getting any younger, I decided I had to find a resting place for all the CD's, cassettes, photos, paperwork etc. etc. I'd collected over the past many years on tenorist Warne Marsh. I wanted to keep everything together but available for anyone interested to refer or listen to and I began sounding out various options. To cut a long story short, I have now donated the archive in its entirety to The Los Angeles Jazz Institute at Long Beach California. It will be housed at the Music Department of the California State University and as intended, will be available to visitors wishing to listen or study. The Los Angeles Jazz Institute seemed to me to be the natural place for the collection as Los Angeles was where Warne was born and where he died.

Here is the Press Release which the Los Angeles Jazz Institute is sending out:


The Warne Marsh Collection, remarkably extensive archives of previously unreleased recordings by the great tenor-saxophonist, has been donated to the Los Angeles Jazz Institute by Jack Goodwin. The collection documents over 200 different live and studio sessions that have not been heard since they were originally performed.

Warne Marsh deserves such treatment. A strikingly original jazz artist whose distinctive tone, consistently inventive playing and dedication to improvising were inspiring, Marsh has grown in fame and influence since his 1987 passing. Born in 1927, Marsh made his first private recordings in 1942, was a member of Hoagy Carmichael’s Teenagers during 1944-45, performed music while serving in the Army, and worked with Buddy Rich in 1948. His association with Lennie Tristano, which began in 1949, was a permanent influence on his music and his dedication to improvising. Best known for his associations with Tristano and altoist Lee Konitz, Marsh became an underground jazz legend. He moved to Los Angeles in 1966, worked with Supersax, and traveled his own musical path throughout his career. 

Jack Goodwin is a lifelong collector of Warne Marsh’s recordings and has compiled the most complete Marsh Discography in existence. His priceless donation to the Los Angeles Jazz Institute consists of previously unreleased music covering Marsh’s entire career. Beginning with Marsh’s debut from 1942, the collection includes 24 numbers played with the Army band in 1946, three early selections with Lennie Tristano, meetings with Lee Konitz, Ted Brown and Ronnie Ball in the 1950s, and a few quartet outings in the 1960s. The Warne Marsh Collection is much more extensive in the 1970s and ‘80s, documenting many of the saxophonist’s live club and concert dates. Among his sidemen on these recordings (which also includes dates with Supersax) are such notables as altoists Lee Konitz, Gary Foster and Art Pepper, tenor-saxophonist Pete Christlieb, pianists Clare Fischer, Lou Levy, Sal Mosca, Hank Jones, Connie Crothers and Susan Chen, guitarists Dave Koonse and Joshua Breakstone, bassist Red Mitchell, and trumpeter Valery Ponomarev.

The Los Angeles Jazz Institute, under the direction of Ken Poston, is the home for the personal collections of such major jazz artists as Howard Rumsey, Shorty Rogers, Gerry Mulligan, Art Pepper, Bud Shank, Bob Cooper, June Christy, and Pete Rugolo among others. Jack Goodwin’s Warne Marsh Collection is a major acquisition for the Institute. Jack Goodwin’s priceless recordings add immeasurably to the saxophonist’s musical legacy.

Los Angeles Jazz Institute is here:   www.lajazzinstitute.org/

You can see the list of recordings donated here and I would again thank all those who have given me so many recordings of Warne Marsh over the years.

2nd. June 2015.
I've added two photographs of Warne with guitarist Joshua Breakstone at the "Far & Away Club", Cliffside Park, New Jersey, February 1982 on the Photo Gallery page.  My thanks to Joshua for these.

12th. November 2014.
Received today from Warne's son, K.C. Marsh: Hi Jack!
Hope this finds you well. 

It's with great pleasure that I'm announcing our official fundraising campaign for Warne Marsh: An Improvised Life.  I'd love for you to check it out and if so compelled, help spread the word, especially on any social media outlets you partake in. 

All my best and thank you for your support!
K.C. Marsh

Link to Fundraiser (watch the video):


(Share the above link)

- Leo Rising Productions,
K.C., kctembrock@gmail.com
Current Project: Documentary, "Warne Marsh: An Improvised Life"
Follow Us HERE and on Twitter @ThisIsKCmarsh

12th. November 2014.
New entry to the discography.
51-0406+ Lennie Tristano Sextet at the Blue Note Jazz Club, Chicago April 6-13 1951 (see below).
Personnel and track details added to the discography.

22nd. October 2014.
Uptown Records - are advertising a previously unreleased recording by the Lennie Tristano Sextet recorded in Chicago April 6-13 1951.  The personnel on this 2CD set is Willie Dennis, trombone; Lee Konitz, alto sax; Warne Marsh, tenor sax; Lennie Tristano, piano; Buddy Jones, bass; Mickey Simonetta, drums.
UPCD 2778/2779.   Lennie Tristano Chicago April 1951.  Price is $29.98 US.

28th. August 2014.
The Los Angeles Jazz Institute is holding a "Something Cool" Festival at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles, from October 30th - November 2nd. 2014.
Of particular interest to visitors to this site is the Friday, October 31st. all day "Lennie Tristano and the Cool School" panel discussions and concerts, especially the afternoon panel discussion and evening concert dealing specifically with Warne Marsh.  Ted Brown and Lee Konitz will be there and full details can be seen here:

15th. August 2014.
New entry to the discography.
86-1218 Warne Marsh Quartet, The Silver Screen Jazz Room, Hyatt Hotel, 8401 W. Sunset Blvd, W. Hollywood.  December 18, 1986.
Many thanks to Mitsuo Johfu of Marshmallow Records, Yokohama, Japan for this addition.

8th. August 2014.
New entry to the discography:
75-1127  Warne Marsh Quintet, Fasching Club, Stockholm. November 27, 1975.
Many thanks to Mitsuo Johfu of Marshmallow Records, Yokohama, Japan for this addition.

5th. June 2014.
Discography update.
Correction to 65-09/11- session at Sal Mosca's studio.
The trumpet player was Duane Elmore and not Sy Platt.

Thanks to Geraldyne Marsh and Lenny Popkin for this correction.

17th. January 2014.
Discography update.
Correction to 52-1130 Warne Marsh w. Lighthouse All Stars.
Date corrected to 52-1214, corrected personnel and added track titles.

Thanks to Ken Poston, director of the Los Angeles Jazz Institute, for this information.

October 16th. 2013.

Hello Mr. Goodwin,
My name is John Petrucelli and I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Pittsburgh. I wanted to let you know that my Master's thesis Motivic and Harmonic Analysis of Warne Marsh: The Unissued Copenhagen Studio Recordings, is available for download on the Rutgers electronic dissertation page (with a citation to your Discography). In compiling this research, I consulted John Klopotowski, Ted Brown, and K.C. Marsh, and was advised by Drs. Lewis Porter and Henry Martin.
I was wondering if you would include it in some way on the Warne Marsh Information page? 

Also, there is a transcription book for sale-
Hope to be able to contribute in some way! Looking forward to hearing from you.

John Petrucelli   

27th. June 2013.
A photograph of Warne taken at the "Star Highs" recording session, Monster, Netherlands, August 14, 1982, added to the Photo Gallery page.  Many thanks to Edo Essed for this one.

5th. June 2013.
I've just received the news that bassist Ben Tucker, who played and recorded with Warne Marsh in 1956-57, was tragically killed early yesterday.  Ben was 82 and was driving a golf cart at his golf club when it was struck by another vehicle. 

5th. June 2013.
It's not often, in fact it's very rare nowadays, that a recording featuring Warne Marsh is released never having been issued before.  But thanks to Laurie Pepper, widow of Art, a recording from April 20th. 1975 is now available for download here:   http://artpepper.net  You can also listen to a sample track there.
Recorded at The Foxy Lady, Los Angeles and featuring Warne and Art, the eight tracks also have Buddy Collette, clt. and flute, Mike Lang, el. piano, John Morrell, guitar, Carol Kaye, elect. bass, and Tommy Vig on drums. The recording has almost a couple of hours playing time and there's a jam session feel to this gig which took place in the afternoon in a place more used to having discos.  The download charge makes it almost a give away.
Many thanks to Laurie Pepper for this release.

10th. May 2013.
Discography update.
75-0420 WARNE MARSH-ART PEPPER.  'The Foxy Lady', Los Angeles, CA. April 20, 1975.
Corrected track titles and track times added.  Many thanks to Laurie Pepper for this information.

3rd. February 2013.

Hello world...
I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now accepting students who are interested in jazz improvisation. My lessons are online, using Skype,

which will allow us to see and hear each other over the Internet.   

Also, using PayPal, the conversion of currencies from other countries to US Dollars is easier than I thought. In fact I now have a student in Italy!
So if you know anyone who might be interested please refer them to my website.

25th. January 2013.
Discography update.
Charles Coffman has suggested that it would help listeners to the two Wave Records issues (LP & CD) -- "Release Record, Send Tape" and "Jazz From The East Village (LP) and the extended time "More Jazz From The East Village" (CD) -- if they were aware of the tunes on which the improvisations were based.  It is not always easy to follow the improvisation if you don't hear its relationship to the structure of the original melody especially when a chordal instrument is not present.  Therefore the titles of the original tunes have been added and I hope this helps.  The discography references to these are 59-1219; 60-0222; 60-0908; 60-0809.
Thanks Charles.

25th. November 2012.
Photo just received from Mark Weber of the Warne Marsh - Gary Foster Quintet taken
April 28, 1977 at Dabney Hall, Cal Tech, Pasadena, California.
Added to the Photo Gallery page.

26th. July 2012.
Warne Marsh obituary from Los Angeles Times, Saturday, December 19 1987, added to the end of the Warne Marsh discography.

5th. July 2012.
Discography update:  76-1006 and 76-1007.  Warne Marsh - Pete Christlieb Quintet, Donte's, N. Hollywood.
Personnel details amended.  Thanks to Mark Weber.

5th. July 2012.
Two photos by Mark Weber, from the Donte's session 76-1007, added to the Photo Gallery page.  Thanks Mark.

6th. April 2012.
Discography update:  83-0409 Warne Marsh Quartet/Quintet, Utrecht, Netherlands, April 9th. 1983.
Additional track added and track times adjusted.  Thanks to Joop van der Leij for these additions.

28th. March 2012.
Fresh Sound Records has issued a CD entitled "All About Ronnie - Ronnie Ball Memorial Album" on Fresh Sound FSRCD-570  


This is a collection of tracks from various dates and features eight tracks which include Warne Marsh in the personnel.  See discography for details.  Note:  Fresh Sound repeat the incorrect date of June 15th. 1955 for the single track "Ronnie's Line" whereas the correct date is June 21. 1955.

19th. February 2012.
New photograph added to the Photo Gallery.  Warne Marsh with Gary Foster etc. at Donte's, 6th. February 1977.  Thanks again to Mark Weber for this one.

15th. February 2012.
Tenor saxophonist Ted Brown, who played and recorded with Warne Marsh and who continues playing today around the New York City area, has developed his own web site at
  http://www.tedbrownjazz.com  The site contains a biography, calendar, photographs and a comprehensive discography.  Ted is working on the idea of on-line tuition using Skype so interested parties should keep an eye on this web site.

15th. January 2012.
New entry to the discography.
74-1200    Warne Marsh Quartet at "The Times", Studio City, CA. December 1974.
Thanks to Bob Brode for this.  He attended that night and recorded these tracks.

19th. December 2011.
My good friend Joop van der Leij has produced an index showing all the musicians who played on the recordings documented in the Warne Marsh Discography.  The dates of the recordings are shown against the musician's name.  To see this, click on the "Index of musicians" link.

16th. November 2011.
75-1220 -   WARNE MARSH QUARTET.  Warren Bulkeley Hotel, Stockport, Cheshire, England, December 20, 1975.
Track times added to this concert recording in discography.  Thanks to Joop van der Leij.

26th. October 2011.
Four additional photos added to the Photo Gallery page, courtesy of Mark Weber.

27th. June 2011.
Gary Foster, a great friend and playing colleague of Warne Marsh, has very generously sent me copies of the manuscripts for the five saxophone Supersax arrangement of Charlie Parker's "Now's The Time".  This arrangement was written by Warne Marsh and each manuscript is in Warne's hand.  Click on this link to view   -   Manuscripts for Supersax

Newly released Warne Marsh CD.
WARNE MARSH – TED BROWN Live in Hollywood 1957.
Marshmallow Export – Historical Series – MMEX-148-CD. 

The second half of 1956 was a fertile time for the ex-Tristano students based in the Los Angeles area of California.  Warne Marsh, Ted Brown, Ronnie Ball and Jeff Morton had arrived individually over a relatively short period and together with Ben Tucker on bass, had formed a group which recorded several times during this period.   “Jazz of Two Cities”, “The Way It Was”, and “Free Wheeling” are studio recordings showing the cohesive swing this group had developed and all these titles have been issued and reissued over the years. 

This latest release, however, was recorded live in February 1957 at Bill Whisling’s Modern Jazz Room on Sunset Boulevard.  Ronnie Ball took along a small, but heavy, Webco tape deck and fastened the mike for the recorder to the single house mike.  The reels of tape used were small and had to be constantly changed and the single mike didn’t make for a balanced recording.  But the music shows the enthusiasm and drive of the group which, at this stage Warne Marsh thought “ was sounding the way we want it to.”  Despite the lack of balance, there is sufficient quality present to show this quite amazing group in full flight.   

This is the only live recording that exists of the group, and Marshmallow Records is to be congratulated in making this rare recording available.  The CD is available from Eastwind in Los Angeles and Cat Fish in Fukuoka, Japan both of whom accept payment by PayPal.  Other distributors are being sought. 

It is worth mentioning that Ted Brown is still actively playing in the New York area and Ben Tucker still plays around his home town of Savannah, Georgia.

4th. June 2011
Two additional photos (Sittingbourne concert programme) added to the Photo Gallery page.

12th February 2011.
I have recently learned that trumpet player Don Ferrara died on 18th. January 2011.  He was 82 and had lived near San Diego, California.  Don was in the U.S. army at the same base as Warne Marsh in 1946 and was at that time a student of Lennie Tristano.  He introduced Warne to Tristano and Warne commenced studies with Lennie shortly afterwards.

28th. January 2011. Ted Brown, a name well known to most visitors to this site, was invited by Marshmallow Records owner Mitsuo Johfu to visit Japan in late 2009 to play as a featured guest with the Yoichi Hirai Group and the Gene DiNovi Trio at concerts in Tokyo and Yokohama. 

Ted arrived on October 24th. and almost immediately began rehearsals with the Hirai Group which consists of alto, tenor, piano, two basses and drums and led by guitarist Yoichi Hirai.  This is a group which has diligently transcribed many of the compositions of Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz, Warne Marsh and Ted himself and has achieved a sound and style very much akin to the classic Tristano Sextet.  Ted and this group played a concert at the Pit Inn, Tokyo on October 27th. and Mitsuo Johfu was there to record it.  This recording has now been issued on Marshmallow Records “Ted Brown – Live at Pit Inn, Tokyo with Yoichi Hirai Group” MMEX-137-CD.  Ted plays well and is ably supported by the Hirai Group.  The track titles are well known lines such as Bird’s “Big Foot” and “Yardbird Suite” and Ted’s own “Dig It” and “Jazz Of Two Cities”.  Ted must have enjoyed playing with this quite remarkable group as the CD is very satisfying to listen to.

 On October 30th. Ted moved on to Yokohama to play with the Gene DiNovi Trio (Gene on piano, Neil Swainson, bass and Ernesto Cervini, drums) at the Sugita Theatre.  The concert was also recorded and the resulting CD - which is a limited edition of 999 copies - is a joy.  Ted is instantly recognisable from his very personal tone and copious free flowing ideas, no clichés, no licks.  The details :  “Ted Brown + Gene DiNovi - Live in Yokohama”  Marshmallow Records MMEX-145-CD.

5th. November 2010.
Some track times added to discography.
71-0111 Warne Marsh Quartet at the Ice House, Pasadena, January 11th. 1971.

Alteration to discography.
71-0809 altered to 71-0123.  Warne Marsh Quintet at the Ice House, Pasadena.
Corrected date from August 9th. 1971 to January 23rd. 1971.

Many thanks to Claude Alexander for this addition and correction.

13th October 2010.
Four photographs added to the Photo Gallery page.

4th October 2010. 


Warne Marsh Trio.  “New York City Live” – Riverworks Records.
Reviewed by Jack Goodwin. 

This 2CD set brings together two old friends.  Keith “Red” Mitchell and Warne Marsh first met when both were in the army in 1946, with Red playing piano at that time.  They first recorded together in September 1957 in Los Angeles and this was released as “Music for Prancing” on the Mode label.  However in 1980 they played and toured together both in New York and Europe.  Firstly, they played a concert at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC sponsored by the Lennie Tristano Foundation, then moved on to Norway where they recorded with Karin Krog, and made a radio broadcast the following day.  Next stop was Stockholm where they played and broadcast several times.  Concerts at the Fasching Club, Stockholm were recorded and subsequently tracks were released by Storyville Records under the title “The Big Two” - Volumes 1 & 2.  Returning to New York, they played a week at Sweet Basil on Seventh Avenue, and tracks recorded at this venue have been released on Fresh Sound Records.

This set of two CD’s recorded live in New York, have a total of fifteen tracks and give a playing time of about ninety minutes.  They capture both Warne and Red at their peak.  Warne is instantly recognisable and plays some gloriously inventive solos.  Red’s sonorous and always perfectly pitched sound blends perfectly with Warne and it is as though they are communicating telepathically, they integrate so well.  Drummer Pete Scattaretico studied with Lennie Tristano and played regularly with Warne Marsh from 1979.  He plays with drive and perfect taste and the Trio members are obviously listening to each other and appreciating the result.  This music is pure jazz improvisation of the highest quality and I cannot recommend this CD issue enough. 

Pete Scattaretico has put in a lot of work in producing these CD’s and is to be congratulated in putting together an excellent package.  The sound quality is excellent, and the liner notes and graphics compliment the whole thing. These CD’s will soon be available from the usual sources at around $22.00 but you can enquire about their availability from Pete at www.peterscattaretico.com  

19 April 2010.
75-0312 WARNE MARSH QUARTET.  'The Times', Studio City, CA. March 12, 1975.
Incorrect information in this entry removed and Charles Coffman credited for this recording.

22nd. March 2010.
Yoichi Suzuki of the website Chasin' the Bird - for Charlie Parker fans -
has sent me the full itinerary for the Supersax tour of Japan in January 1975.  The band included Warne Marsh in its personnel and this itinerary corrects the date of January 15th. 1975 given for the Hindsight HSCD-618 issue.  This should now read January  18th. 1975.  I show the whole itinerary in the Warne Marsh discography on this site under the January 1975 date.
Yoichi also gave a "Record Concert" on March 13th. 2010 at the "Cafe Eagle", Yotsuya City, Tokyo playing seventeen tracks from various Warne Marsh recordings.  He tells me the concert was very well attended by fans of Warne Marsh.

12th. January 2010.
Storyville Records has released a  boxed set four CD's (Cat No: 1088606) covering the period in December 1975 when Warne Marsh and Lee Konitz played at the Club Montmartre, Copenhagen and Warne Marsh recorded at the Rosenberg Studios.  All forty eight tracks have been previously released by Storyville Records, but it's good to have them available again, especially having them collected together as a set.
Thanks to Mike Keefe for telling me about this release.

2nd. December 2009.
Addition to the discography.  81-1117+h Warne Marsh-Sal Mosca Quartet, 'Village Vanguard', NYC, November 17-22, 1981.
From Sal Mosca's personnel archive courtesy of the Mosca Family.

18th November 2009.
The wonderful two CD's issued some years ago by Storyville Records under the title "Red Mitchell/Warne Marsh - The Big Two" Vols. 1 & 2 have just been reissued as a double CD set with the same title, on Storyville 1038406.  If anyone asks me which Warne Marsh records I'd recommend, these two CD's immediately come to mind.  Red and Warne knew each other from their early days playing in the Los Angeles area and they link together here in  an amazingly telepathic way.  I couldn't recommend this issue more highly.

12th. August 2009. I've recently added a photograph of Warne Marsh with Tal Farlow to the Photo Gallery on this site.  It was taken at the Silver Screen Room of the Hyatt Hotel, on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California on September 15th, 1984 by the photographer Joel Mark - http://www.joelmark.com - to illustrate an article written for the L.A. Reader, a weekly paper for the Los Angeles area.  Many thanks to Joel.

22nd. March 2009.
There's an interesting piece on Warne Marsh in the blog written by David Valdez here 


The tracks David refers to were recorded by Warne himself as he improvised to the pre-recorded accompaniment of the Jamey Aebersold play-along LP "All Bird".  Gary Foster can remember playing with Warne and this recording around late 1977. 

30th. January 2009.
An additional track (April) added to the Half Note sessions recording 58-0700.  Thanks to Seth Kaplan for this one.

19th. October 2008.
I've had several enquiries from musicians interested in the music of Warne Marsh asking if any transcriptions of his recorded solos are available.
I'm pleased to tell everyone that Bill Bauer, the son of the guitarist Billy Bauer, has set up a new web site where transcriptions of solos by
Warne Marsh, Lennie Tristano, Billy Bauer, Lee Konitz and Connie Crothers are available for purchase direct.  Go to Billy Bauer's Music Home Page

6th. October 2008.
Shown below is an excerpt from Down Beat magazine for March 21. 1957 reviewing the Warne Marsh-Ted Brown Quintet playing at Bill Whisling's Club on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.


29th. September 2008.
Additions to discography. 79-0708 - 79-0718 - 79-0725 & additional titles added to 79-0808.  All by Warne Marsh & Sal Mosca Duo at Sal's Mount Vernon Studio, NY. and all from Sal Mosca's personal archive courtesy of the Mosca Family.

27th. August 2008.
Additions to discography. 
1.    81-1115. Warne Marsh-Sal Mosca Quartet at the Mount Vernon studio - three additional titles (12-14) added.

2.    82-0630
Warne Marsh - Sal Mosca Quartet. Mount Vernon Studio - rehearsal for North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands.  All from Sal Mosca's personal archive courtesy of the Mosca Family.

14th. August 2008.
Addition to discography.  65-0900 Warne Marsh - Sal Mosca Quartet with Bob Sachs.  Studio recording, Westchester County, NY. Autumn 1965.
Thanks to Bob Sachs for this one.

22nd. July 2008.
Lonehill Jazz Records based in Spain, has just issued a CD which combines two Warne Marsh recording sessions - "Warne Marsh" originally on Atlantic and featuring Paul Chambers on bass, and "Music For Prancing" originally on Mode and recently reissued by VSOP Records.  The new CD has the title "Warne Marsh Trio/Quartet - Coast To Coast" and the catalogue number is LHJ 10342.  Thanks to Henrik Lafrenz of Berlin for this notification.

28th. June 2008.
Addition to discography.  81-1115.  Warne Marsh - Sal Mosca Quartet recorded at Sal's Mount Vernon Studio.
From Sal Mosca's personnel archive courtesy of the Mosca Family.

19th. May 2008.
Addition to discography.  74-1000.  Warne Marsh and Lou Levy interviewed by Gerald Wilson for Radio Station KBCA, Los Angeles.
Thanks to Charles Coffman for this one.

14th. April 2008.
Sal Mosca, one of the greatest jazz piano improvisers of all time and a long time associate of Lennie Tristano and Warne Marsh, died July 2007 at the age of 80 years.  We are fortunate that he left us a reasonably large recorded legacy and this legacy has now been enhanced by a newly released CD "You Go To My Head" - Blue Jack Jazz Records BJJR046 - recorded privately at Sal's studio in Mount Vernon, New York, between February and March, 2004.  He is accompanied by musicians with whom he had played regularly for many years - Jimmy Halperin on tenor, Don Messina, bass and Bill Chattin on drums.  The sympathetic thinking between these four musicians is very evident throughout these recordings and I thoroughly recommend this new release.  Visitors to this site can see Sal, Jimmy and Don, playing at Birdland, NYC on New Year's Day, 2007 - one of Sal's final New York appearances - by clicking on this link: http://www.sonnyspianotv.com/gal_students_detail_40.php

7th. April 2008.
Mark Weber has provided more photographs of the Warne Marsh-Harold Land
Quintet playing at the Hyatt Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, L.A. April 12th. 1985 and these have been added to the Photo Gallery page.  Many thanks Mark.

22nd. December 2007.
As most visitors to this site will know, tenor saxophonist Ted Brown was a long term student of Lennie Tristano and played and recorded with Warne Marsh during the 1950’s.  Ted is still actively playing in and around New York City, and has toured with Lee Konitz in Europe and played in Holland with Hod O’Brien.  In January 2007 Ted recorded for the Danish record label SteepleChase with guitarist Steve Lamattina and bassist Dennis Irwin and this recording has just been released on SteepleChase SCCD 31628 under the title "Shades Of Brown".  Ted has one of the most instantly recognisable sounds on tenor and the trio play a very relaxed twelve tracks on the CD.  A very professional job well done, and a very enjoyable listening experience.  Recommended.

23 October 2007.
Three years after it was published, my attention has been drawn to an article written by Joe Milazzo for the web site One Final Note.  Mr Milazzo writes a review of the then recently issued Warne Marsh "All Music" Nessa CD and I consider this review to have one of the best descriptions of Warne Marsh's true individuality.
I'd recommend a visit to this site:  http://www.onefinalnote.com/reviews/m/marsh-warne/all-music.asp

22 September 2007
“LEE KONITZ.  Conversations on the Improviser’s Art”
by Andy Hamilton.  Published by The University of Michigan Press.

Reviewed by Jack Goodwin 

This is quite a unique biography.  It is composed of conversations, in question and answer form, that Andy Hamilton has had with Lee Konitz over the past eight years and is published just as Konitz approaches his 80th. birthday in October.  Lee talks at length about his apprenticeship with Lennie Tristano, his playing with Warne Marsh, Miles Davis, Stan Kenton, etc., and more recently, his continuing tours around the world as featured soloist with other jazz musicians.   

Konitz has the desire, and the ability, to play pure improvised jazz music, without clichés, licks and quotes and throughout the book, his honest approach to music and improvising comes across.  His recorded output is quite vast and despite his uncompromising attitude, he has managed to make a living for over sixty years playing jazz.

Visitors to this site will be interested to read the extensive comments he makes about Warne Marsh.  As an example:  “When I think of Warne Marsh, I think of the definitive creative player, no theatricality, no showboating, just a true musical improviser.  It’s a true unexaggerated voice, that’s what’s so sophisticated about it – without the “bleating” and overblowing that many saxophone players seem obliged to do.” 

Included are many valuable interviews with other musicians commenting on how they feel about Konitz, and also several pages of photographs which span the life of Lee Konitz and which, generally, are previously unseen.

This is an excellent book, and Andy Hamilton is to be congratulated in producing something which probably Lee, himself, would never have contemplated writing, and it is unreservedly recommended.

3rd. September 2007
Photographs taken by Mark Weber of the Warne Marsh-Harold Land Quintet playing at the Hyatt Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, L.A. April 12th. 1985, now appear on the Photo Gallery page.

29th. July 2007
News has just reached me that Sal Mosca died on Saturday, 28th. July.  This means two links to the Tristano era have died in only a week.  Sad news indeed.

23rd. July 2007
I've just received news of the passing, on Saturday 21st. July, of Sonny Dallas, who spent ten years as bassist with Lennie Tristano.  Sonny was injured in a fall some time ago, and had been more recently in hospital with heart problems.

15th. June 2007
Most visitors to this site will have an interest in Lennie Tristano and will be interested to learn that a symposium on the life and impact of Lennie was hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts, on April 15th. 2007.  You can see video, recorded at the symposium, by going to http://www.jazzhistorydatabase.com/collections/tristano-video.html 

6th. March 2007
Amendment to discography.  86-1203 WARNE MARSH - SUSAN CHEN. New Orleans Bar & Grill, Oakland, CA.  Track times added.  

19th. February 2007
Addition to discography.  86-1203 WARNE MARSH - SUSAN CHEN. New Orleans Bar & Grill, Oakland, CA.
Amendment to discography.  86-1204 WARNE MARSH - SUSAN CHEN radio interview with KJAZ, San Francisco.  Date added.
Thanks to Mark Sowlakis for this information.  

12th. November 2006.
Addition to the discography.  80-0610 and 80-0611 - WARNE MARSH - SAL MOSCA QUARTET live at the Village Vanguard, NYC.
Thanks to Tom Marcello for these.  Tom is the Manager of vibraphonist Joe Locke.  

6th. November 2006.
My co-worker on the Warne Marsh discography, Joop van der Leij, has been involved with the release of a CD in the “Forgotten Tapes” series on the Dutch “Blue Jack” label and I feel sure that fans of Warne Marsh will be interested in this one.  It’s by the Hod O’Brien Quartet and features Ted Brown who, as most of you will know, played and recorded with Warne in the 1950’s.  It was recorded live at a public concert at the “Bimhuis” in Amsterdam, Holland on October 2 1987 and the musicians involved, like the sound and balance, are in excellent form.  The insert, written by Joop, is extremely informative and the recording is well worth having.  The CD is Blue Jack Jazz Records BJJR029.   

20th. October 2006. I’ve been asked several times in the recent past if there is a source for any transcriptions of the lines recorded by Warne Marsh.  The late Billy Bauer published several transcriptions of lines by Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh and Lee Konitz and his son, Bill Bauer, is continuing to make these available.  Anyone interested can email him at billybauer121@yahoo.com  

12th. October 2006.
Amendment to discography. 
77-0423 -WARNE MARSH INTERVIEW.  Time of track added.
Thanks to Jon Easton for this one.  

6th. September 2006.
Addition to discography.  83/840000 - WARNE MARSH solo.
Thanks to Dave Frank and John Easton for this one.

21st. August 2006.
Addition to discography. 
84-1100a WARNE MARSH QUINTET - Norway.
Additional tracks. 

16th. August 2006.
Additional tracks and detail changes to discography.
50-0300      HADDA BROOKS - thanks to Ted Brown for this information.

7th. August 2006.
Additions and amendments to discography.
42/43-00     WARNE MARSH - earliest recordings.

6th. August 2006.
I received the following email from Ted Brown today:

Amazing what you can find on this Internet thing... 

I discovered a CD which has been issued by Lone Hill Jazz in Spain which is called: 

                        "The Complete Free Wheeling Sessions"

                         Art Pepper & Ted Brown - featuring Warne Marsh

                         Lone Hill Jazz - LHJ10236 

It is supposedly the 50th anniversary of a "marathon studio date" which took place on November 26, 1956 and produced these two albums: 

     1) "Free Wheeling" 

               Ted Brown, Warne Marsh, Art Pepper, Ronnie Ball, Ben Tucker, Jeff Morton 

     2) "The Way It Was"

                Art Pepper, Warne Marsh, Ronnie Ball, Ben Tucker, Gary Frommer 

It says the personnel is the same on both albums...except on the second one Ted Brown is removed from the front line and Jeff Morton is replaced by Gary Frommer. 

"Free Wheeling" was actually recorded on December 21, 1956 and "The Way It Was" was recorded November 26, 1956. That is quite a "marathon studio date."    

Also each date contains the tune "Avalon" which is rather odd if both were done the same day. 

I know it was a Friday afternoon that we did "Free Wheeling"...because we had to go to work that night at Whistlings. Try that after doing TWO record dates that day. 

 This "fake" record marathon is only one CD.  

Their liner notes say that due to lack of space they were only able to include the MASTER takes from "The Way It Was." So from that date there are only 7 tracks on this new disc. 

They are making up a whole new story that both these record dates were done in one long marathon session on November 26, 1956.  

That is the premise of this new CD which they call "The COMPLETE Free Wheeling Sessions" because they stress the point that they were both done the same day....not that they are COMPLETE because they contain all the takes. If they were to correct those dates they would have to take this CD off the market because they are advertising it as a marathon session...and are calling that marathon The Free Wheeling Sessions. 

But the weirdest thing is they used the same stupid cover with the wolf mask that was on the original "Free Wheeling" but now it is called "The Complete Free Wheeling Sessions" and is listed under Art Pepper.

How is that for a discography problem? 

There ain't no business like the record business!! 

Best regards,


 27th. June 2006.
Addition to discography.
87-1209 WARNE MARSH QUARTET at Donte's, North Hollywood - only eight days before Warne passed away.  Thanks to Roger Mailhot for this one.


This famous 1969 recording by the Warne Marsh Quartet is again available.  Originally issued on a Revelation LP and then on CD by Crown and hat ART, it has been reissued by Hatology - CD603.

5th. October 2005.

Lennie Tristano And His Legacy
By Peter Ind. 

The above 192 page book was published by Equinox Books on 24th. October at £16.99/$29.95.
There have been two previous studies of Lennie Tristano, each being a thesis/dissertation submitted towards a university degree.  The first was "The Pedagogy Of Lennie Tristano" by John F. McKinney in 1978 and the other "Lennie Tristano (1919 – 1978) : His Life, Music and Teaching" by Eunmi Shim, 1999.  Both of these studied Tristano in immense detail but were written, as it were, from the outside in.  In this new book, Peter Ind writes from the viewpoint of both a Tristano admirer and a student and he is able to write in both an objective as well as a subjective way.
Ind emigrated to the U.S. in April 1951 in order to be able to study with Lennie and he captures the excitement of arriving in New York City and meeting other Tristano students like Lee Konitz, Don Ferrara, Ted Brown, Sal Mosca, Ronnie Ball, Willie Dennis, Al Levitt, Jeff Morton and of course, Warne Marsh.  He describes the musical haven that was Lennie's studio at 317 E. 32nd. Street and the sessions held there each Wednesday and Saturday, where they would all play for twelve hours or more.
Peter Ind gives space to the students and what happened to them since the early fifties and follows on with lengthy discussion on Tristano as Ind knew him.  He demolishes many of the myths which have grown up around Lennie and the fact that he didn't play in public very much after the 60's.  One of these myths calls Tristano a 'recluse' and Ind refutes this with a well reasoned argument.
For those who have loved the music of Tristano and his students for so long and for those more recently attracted to the music of Warne Marsh, this is a great read.  We learn a lot about Lennie Tristano but we also learn quite a bit about Peter Ind.                                                                                                                                                                         Jack Goodwin

16th. September 2004.  Amendment to discography:  59-0217/24  Lee Konitz - Warne Marsh Quintet at the Half Note, NYC. 
Forty two tracks were recorded live at the club on 17th. and 24th. February 1959 and some of these have been commercially issued.  Firstly, Connie Crothers edited the original tape down to basically Warne Marsh's solo excerpts at the request of Lennie Tristano
who wanted a solo tape of Warne's playing from that date.  Ultimately, thirty four excerpts were issued in the mid-1970's by Revelation Records on two LP's entitled "Warne Marsh - The Art Of Improvising".  In 1994, Verve Records issued twelve of the forty two full length tracks on a 2CD set entitled "Lee Konitz Live at the Half Note".  However, during all of this period, some collectors possessed all the original tracks on tape.  It has been my long term aim to edit the private tapes and to try to sort out the issued tracks from the unissued, and to identify all of the excerpts released by Revelation.  The forty two tracks have now been edited and after many hours listening, it has been possible to identify, sort and then list everything - I hope! 
Grateful thanks go to my pal Joop van der Leij for all the hours he spent sorting and then formatting the results and to
guitarist/arranger Axel Hagen who spent hours with Joop analysing the Revelation excerpts to be able to correctly identify which of the original tracks these snippets came from. 
You can take the dog out for a walk now, Joop.

15th. August 2004. 
I've received word from Safford Chamberlain that his book "An Unsung Cat - the life and music of Warne Marsh" will be published as a paperback towards the end of October.  It will contain some revisions, but the photographs which featured in the hardback edition, will not be present in this new edition.  But, helpfully, there will be an index which was a glaring omission from the original.  The book will again be published by Scarecrow Press and will cost $20 - $25.

31st. March 2004.  CD review
A review of Nessa ncd-7 - "Warne Marsh - All Music".  By Jack Goodwin.

It’s good to have this recording available again and on CD, especially with the additional tracks. It was a while in arriving, but the exceptionally improved sound on the CD compared to the original LP issue, has made the wait worthwhile. I quote Chuck Nessa – “In '76 I had a bitch of a time trying to make the record sound decent. I think we remixed the date 4 times. For the reissue we dumped the multi-tracks into the computer and discovered a problem. We recorded Warne's sax with 2 microphones - one top and one bottom. We discovered the 2 saxophone mikes were out of phase. We simply corrected the phasing and it sounds much better now.” And I agree.
The members of this quartet were in Chicago as regular members of Supersax, booked in to Ratso’s Club, and they show their familiarity with each other’s playing on this recording. Lou Levy was one of Warne’s favourite accompanists and they played regularly together after this date. The bass and drums are in perfect accord and the whole session generates a sense of enjoyment in the music.
All the seven issued LP tracks are here, plus an additional seven, previously unissued. “A Time For Love” is featured for the first time, plus an additional take of “On Purpose”. The best part for me though, are the extra takes of “I Have A Good One For You” – a line on “It’s You Or No One”. From the two false starts to the wonderful final take, the playing just gets better and better.
Warne Marsh, himself, is in fine form, and I understand these tracks were some of his personal favourites. Again, and again, he plays improvised lines which sound as though they must have been carefully written out beforehand, they sound so logical.
For newcomers to Warne’s music, this CD would make a wonderful introduction. To those who have come to love Warne’s work, this is a recording to cherish. Essential.

22nd. March 2004.  Further to the item dated 1st. March below regarding the proposed reissue of the Nessa Records "All Music" session.  This CD is now available and  I show below latest information from Chuck Nessa:


The price is $15. We accept checks, money orders, cash, MasterCard and Visa. The address is:

Nessa Records

PO Box 394, Whitehall,

MI 49461,  USA



The new release is on a single CD and the disc should arrive here in 2 weeks. Excluded are (not including incomplete performances) alternates of everything on the LP with three exceptions. "A Time For Love" was attempted something like seven times, "Subconscious-Lee" was done only once (right at the end of the recording of that tune Warne told me "That's the best I ever played that tune") and "I Have A Good One For You" (you get every scrap of that one).

To respond to a question about a possible two disc version mentioned in Safford Chamberlain's book - after listening for over a year to all the tapes I decided I could get the "meat" onto one disc and a single disc would sell better than a set. The CD includes a note from me about this and I will post it below, as well as the tracks and times.

Before the sessions Warne told me he would record one tune each by Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz and himself from his New York days. He also said they would do a ballad, a blues and Lou had a tune ("Lunarcy"). Lastly, he was working on the changes of "It’s You Or No One" and wanted to record it too. He said “I have a good one for you”. Lou asked me to rent an electric piano because he wished to use it for a recording of Johnny Mandel’s "A Time For Love". The electric piano turned out to be defective and generated random static on all takes. We performed a salvage job on one of them for this issue, but some noise remains.

We have included the initial take of "On Purpose" (complete with a shaky ending) to show the transformation from first to final version.

On the first day of recording we started with a performance of "Lunarcy" and then Warne launched into a series of takes of his “good one”. We have included all versions of this piece at the end of the disc so you can loop back to the final master (track 1).  "I Have A Good One For You" was the first piece recorded on the second day in the studio. They nailed that one.

TRACK LISTING (the first 7 tracks are the LP sequence)

1 I Have A Good One For You (take 13) 5:29
2 Background Music (take 24) 4:32
3 On Purpose (take 16) 7:07
4 317 E. 32nd (take 22) 6:57
5 Lunarcy (take 25) 9:02
6 Easy Living (take 28) 4:09
7 Subconscious-Lee (take 18) 5:04
8 On Purpose (alt take 14) 5:44
9 A Time For Love (take 8) 5:20
10 I Have A Good One (false starts tk 2 & 3) 0:47
11 I Have A Good One (take 4) 6:48
12 I Have A Good One (take 5) 5:29
13 I Have A Good One (take 6) 5:49
14 I Have A Good One (take 9) 5:55

I forgot to add: Tracks 9-14 recorded on Friday, Feb 20 and the rest on Feb 21 1976.