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Page last updated 14 May 2023

The Warne Marsh Information Site

There is an ever increasing interest in the life and music of the late jazz tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh, born Los Angeles, California, 26 October, 1927, died North Hollywood, California, 18 December, 1987.  There are many who consider Warne Marsh to be one of the most creative improvisers in the history of jazz music.


Warne Marsh performing at ’The Half Note', NYC, June 6, 1964                                                                         

In the recent past, three books have been published dealing with the life and music of this musician:

"An Unsung Cat" written by Safford Chamberlain, and published by The Scarecrow Press, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland 20706, USA (ISBN 0-8108-3718-8) and a quite remarkable novel "Out Of Nowhere" by Marcus M. Cornelius - available here.  In addition to these two, John Klopotowski who both studied and played with Warne Marsh in the early 1980's, has published an on-line book which can be reached here: A Jazz Life: Memoirs and studies drawn from experiences as a student of Warne Marsh, 1982-87 The print version of the book can also be found here. This book combines the story of Warne Marsh, his music, and his teaching methods in an informed and inspiring way. John says the book has had almost 35,000 reads so far.

Many years ago, Jack Goodwin, the creator of The Warne Marsh Information Site began a Warne Marsh discography.  In the course of adding and editing information, Jack gradually found himself in contact with many other Marsh enthusiasts around the world.  Eventually, he had the idea of presenting the discography and any other Marsh information on a web site so as to be available for anyone who has a similar interest.

All of our readers and Warne Marsh enthusiasts throughout the world are encouraged to share their thoughts, memories, experiences, specific performance/recording information etc. for the record so that Warne’s legacy may continue to grow. All help and input to the site is much appreciated. I welcome contributions from anyone who has known, or worked with Warne Marsh and has any anecdotes they feel would be of interest to others. I would also appreciate your comments and suggestions on the site - good or bad!

Seth Kaplan
Web Manager - Warne Marsh Information Site